Look Deeper into Assisted Living

When you are trying to choose the right assisted living situation for a loved one, you are looking for high quality residential care. In order to do this, you will want to evaluate the environment, the cost for it, the food being served, activities for the seniors, as well as living amenities.

In addition to this, you should dig even further. It is important to look for the facility’s citations and state violations as well as all their inspection reports. You should have access to this information and it will show you what the real reputation of the facility is before you decide to put your loved one there.

Assisted Living Benefits

Assisted living homes or residential care facilities as they are sometimes known are residences for the elderly who are disabled and need some assistance with personal care and health services. They do not need round the clock one-on-one medical care, that would be the territory of a nursing home.

These facilities are not government regulated so individual states have come up with their own regulations and definitions of good care. They can vary in size from small homes to huge buildings with many apartments.


All of it is connected in a whole continuum of specialty care for independent living, nursing facilities, and memory care. There is also meals provided, housekeeping, and personal care such as dressing and bathing. Some facilities offer physical therapy and transportation as needed.

Licensed by the Sates

Each of the states in the nation require assisted living facilities to have full licensing by the state that they are in. The license is provided by the state agency that regulates long term care facilities. If there is no license for operation, criminal charges and fines are to be faced.

This means that these assisted living homes are regulated and they do have to pass annual inspections at the very least. Usually, the licensure is overseen by the department of social services, the state department of health, and sometimes by a combination of departments from each of these.


Inspections are a Must

The department that issues the license must perform the inspections unless state regulations allow for another agency to be licensed to do so. As stated, the inspections must be performed annually for the facilities to keep their license and also inspected if a complaint is ever filed.

Visiting Facilities

When you visit a facility, you will want to make sure that the environment of the facility is hospitable to the lifestyle of your loved one. Be sure that you get a full tour and get to see the daily lives of the people there. You may even want to talk to some of them.

Ideally, you should find that the environment promotes the independence of the residents as well as their rights for making decisions in the community and regarding their care and lives.

It is essential that you assure safe living in the facility by checking into the latest violations and the latest inspections before deciding to place yourself or anyone there.