What Are Healthcare Inspections Looking for?

The healthcare industry, like many other industries, has to deal with all sorts of regulations and whatever else may come along with the legal end of what they’re doing. Because of that, there are often a lot of things that need to get checked out and observed on a fairly regular basis.

More often than not, you will find that there are a number of people who are coming in, making sure that those issues are being taken care of and ensuring that, no matter who comes through their doors, they are going to be treated well and given the treatment that they need.

That being said, healthcare inspections are a big deal and the inspectors usually have a list of things that they are going to be looking at and looking for. Here’s a quick list of some of the things that I know that health inspections are trying to check out at medical facilities.

Violations of laws and regulations

This is the big one. Medical facilities are overseen by specific laws and regulations, and everyone at the medical facility needs to be aware of procedures. Usually, that is done as part of training and there are a lot of things that people are going to need to learn before they get started. Inspection professionals are going to come into the facility and check things out to make sure that no laws or regulations are being broken.

Cleanliness and organization

While cleanliness is a part of the legal end of things, it doesn’t always specify how clean and organized that something is supposed to be. That’s going to differ based on what is being used, how things are organized and what it is that you’re looking at.


Inspectors have been known to really get on medical facilities that aren’t following cleanliness and organizational needs to a science, and that can be problematic and could end up with the medical facility getting some bad marks on the inspection that they are getting.

Follow ups to complaints

Lastly, if someone has made a complaint to the health board about a health facility, it’s likely that the inspection board is going to come in and give everything a look. Whether or not they will find anything related to the complaint doesn’t matter – many times, if there is a complaint, there are usually a few other things going on that they need to keep an eye out for during their whole inspection and visit.

Your local health board does a lot of work and they will be doing a lot of different things in order to ensure that health care facilities and everything else in your area are going to be up to code and doing whatever it is that they should be doing. By taking the time to look at these things and to keep healthcare companies accountable, it ensures that the system is working as it should and that everyone is taken care of well.